How to Use Our Inserts

  • Church bulletins – Every article is formatted to be used as an insert in a church bulletin. You may desire to use one of our writings each Sunday as a bulletin insert. New articles are written each month.
  • Evangelism – Some of the articles are specifically written to unbelievers. Unsaved neighbors or co-workers might appreciate a brief article on the spiritual matters you have brought to their attention. County fairs, or other community gatherings, often provide local organizations and churches a “booth” (usually for a small fee) where you could distribute articles.
  • Holidays – Some of the articles are written in view of various holidays. People might be more willing to read an article that you give them if it corresponds with a special day.
  • Bible classes – You may want to copy off and distribute an article each week to those in your class. Some teachers may find particular articles helpful in supporting a lesson, or even as the basis for an entire lesson.
  • Website articles/blogs – A timely article from our collection may be just right for your website. We allow use of our articles as long as they are complete and unedited, and include copyright and weblink data.
  • Church or ministry publications – Do you have a special publication for your church or ministry? Our articles are available for your use. If there is a cost for your publication, please contact us first. Be sure and include all the proper copyright and weblink information.
  • Literature table – A table in a high-traffic area in your church building may be an appropriate place to set these articles. Try not to offer too many at once, but perhaps start with three or four and add one or two bi-weekly or monthly. Even if your bulletins have an insert from this site each week, there are still hundreds of previously written articles to use.
  • Children’s ministry – Numerous articles have been written specifically to be read to children. Many correspond with a biblical story and can be handed out to the children in order to take home and be read with their parents. This is a way to review what was taught, and potentially evangelize an unsaved parent.
  • Family worship – Parents might enjoy reading the articles to their children during family worship. The brevity of each writing provides a concise yet substantive topic for discussion.
  • Workplace Bible studies – Bible studies in your place of employment are an appropriate place to pass out these articles. If you lead a Bible study, you may wish to occasionally or even regularly read through one of the articles for discussion.
  • Personal email contact lists – Consider beginning a ministry to your contact lists (e-mail, personal web forums, etc.) in which you regularly (weekly or monthly) send out one of these articles or the URL for the article.
  • Greeting card enclosures – For nearly every occasion that prompts the sending of a card, there is a related article that could be enclosed. This is especially true for holidays or for comfort at the loss of a loved one.
  • Waiting rooms/offices/stores – If permissible, you might place articles on tables in your workplace’s waiting room, or perhaps in a common area in your place of employment.
  • Sermon or teaching illustrations – Preachers or teachers may find this site to be a helpful resource in locating illustrations for sermons. The entirety of certain articles may complement the sermon and could be distributed to the people at the end of the meeting for further reflection on what was taught.

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